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Australian Scout Uniform

The Scouts Australia uniform for youth members is a dark blue shirt with the a section colour across the sleeves, yoke and collar.

    Tan for Joey Scouts
    Yellow for Cub Scouts
    Green for Scouts
    Maroon for Venturer Scouts
    Red for Rovers

The Scouts Australia uniform for leaders is a dark blue shirt with no other colours

A blue webbing style belt is worn with the uniform, along with a maroon scarf and a woggle.

The style of clothing to be worn below the waist is not prescribed, however the official colour requirement is beige (sand or stone) but navy blue or grey may also be worn at Group activities and meetings. For official state, national or international events beige (sand or stone) garments must be worn below the waist.

Closed in shoes (not thongs or sandals) must be worn for all scouting activities.
The official colour requirement is black or brown.

Uniforms can be ordered from Official Scout Supply Shop.

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